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Discover the Vibrant and Futuristic Paintings of Robert Emilian Vicol and Mihaela Vicol

Discover the Magic of Art

Unique Paintings, Portraits, Abstract and Futuristic - A real investment in beauty and astonishing art.

Complex Artistic Vision

We are, Vicols, Robert and Mihaela, the artists behind, the place where we exposed our energy and personality; abstract, modern and futuristic paintings, full of color and energy.

But here you will find not only paintings, you will discover that the Vicols Universe is vast and complex

The sizes of the paintings vary from 20x30 cm to 120x100 cm, and each work is a unique expression of our absolutely unconventional creativity.

Discover a non-repetitive style that captures the essence of reality and explores the past, present and future of humanity in a unique way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mihaela Vicol and Emilian Robert Vicol are the visionary creators.

Each piece embodies a non-repetitive style that is truly exceptional.

Choose from a range of sizes, from 20x30 cm to 120x100 cm.

Prices start at €89 and go up to over €2000 for larger works.

Yes, Robert and Mihaela Vicol are self-taught outsiders with a bold vision.

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