E-x-plore -t-he- -universe -o-f -Vico-ls.-art


We are the Vicols and everything we do is come out of the most inventive artistic neurons and from the most twisted neural pathways!

Vicols: The Universe of Creativity

Arts, Design and Diversity - Unique and Innovative Creations

Copper Bracelets

The detailed design and rich textures of our Copper Bracelets are a tribute to human diversity.

Creative Constructions

A-Frame houses, Underground houses (like hobbit houses), Wooden and stone pergolas and terrace, Eco pool with Koy fish, Terraces and other constructions with metal profiles.


The most interesting and pleasant passion that appeared in our life.


Photos from our personal collection gathered from our adventures and life.


Collections of poems and verses inspired by everyday life.


There is always room for something in our lives and prose is one of them.

Sculptures & Wood Art

Totem poles for a guesthouse terrace

Sketches & Drawings

Various sketches and drawings, in pencil or carioca.

Space Design

Setting up an eco pool with fish, plants, stone, railings, plants, stone, balustrades; Hot Tub buried in the ground; Tin and stone fence; Masonry stone pillars; Weeping willow tunnel; Outdoor photo panel; Park with plants, bamboo trees, ivy, flowers

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