The Path


The Path –  Canvas 50  x 90 cm – Abstract Acrylic Paint – Emilian Robert Vicol

The Path - Abstract Acrylic Paint - Emilian Robert Vicol


  • Abstract
  • Humanity


  • Life
  • Fate & Destiny
  • Future
  • Social life
  • Mankind


The path of people through life from birth to death is scattered with countless events, some predictive and some random, some with good knowledge (consciously) and others collateral, independent of the individual life course.

But without ceasing, man remains hopeful that the future will be better, fate will bring him something better in life or maybe luck will bring the long-awaited change …

Success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions
(luck – The Oxford English Dictionary)

Many try to evolve to the end of heir days without understanding anything of their purpose in the universe and without finding a sense of existence … will we ever find an answer to human purpose?


Yellow, Blue, Red, Green, Black

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